Building a sustainable investment property portfolio requires skill in a number of important fields. Our multi-award winning business helps people make more astute decisions. Our team of specialists provide clients with professional guidance in respect to market research (Australia-wide), buyer’s agency, investment strategies, finance and more. Your best interests is our priority!

Want to know something about your future?

According to a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), only 4% of Australians live to be financially independent by age 65. For every 100 people:

63 are on government welfare
29 are deceased
4 are still working
3 are financially independent
1 is wealthy

Most people are in the workforce for 45 years (aged 20-65). The decisions which you make during these 45 years will determine what life looks like beyond age 65.

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We Take Our Work Seriously

As a dynamic team of talented academics, our specialists continually invest in our own development in order to keep refining the skills which we use to help clients make more astute decisions:

  • Our business and key employees have been recognised for industry excellence on multiple occasions by (both) the real estate and finance industries;
  • Propertyology Managing Director, Simon Pressley, is one of Australia’s most respected property market analysts;
  • Our tertiary-qualified Property Investment Advisors (QPIA) use their skill along with our unique software to create innovative investment strategies;
  • We combine our collective skills using an integrated communication style and an emphasis on efficient systems
    Our client’s best interest is our primary objective.

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