Property Investors Get Ready!

Property Investors Get Ready!
June 26, 2014 Simon Pressley


PROPERTYOLOGY has just given the ‘green light’ to a new city for our investors.

  • A diverse economic mix: TICK
  • Very well placed to benefit from the Asian Century: TICK
  • A different mix of industries to compliment our existing client’s property portfolios: TICK
  • Limited housing supply: TICK
  • Investment property entry-price less than $350,000: TICK
  • A proactive new government that appears intent on jobs growth: TICK
  • More upside than a reverse pyramid: TICK

PROPERTYOLOGY now has the microscope out to pinpoint the specific pockets within this city that have the best potential for long-term capital growth.

Propertyology are Australia’s most respected Buyer’s Agents, not just analysts.

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