Property Market Fundamentals

Property Market Fundamentals
March 22, 2016 Simon Pressley


Would you like to do your country a favour?

Next time you’re involved in a discussion with someone (or you read an article) and the topic involves ridiculous claims of a widespread property market decline, please flick them this article.

Here is Australia’s macro level fundamentals:

1) we have consistently been the fastest growing population in all of the developed world for several years (DEMAND);

2) we are creating a significant number of new jobs (DEMAND);

3) we have never seen interest rates lower than this (AFFORDABILITY);

4) we have the strongest banks in the world and the most responsible lending practices (STABILITY); and

5) the single biggest period of urbanisation that the world has ever seen (the Asian Century) is a mere 16 years young. It’s right outside our front door. And, the enormous opportunities from recently signed Free Trade Agreements with Japan, South Korea, and China have not even begun to trickle through yet (OPPORTUNITY).

One of Australia’s biggest impediments is too many negative attitudes. Here’s your chance to do something positive.








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