Travelling in style - destinations to add to your bucket list

Travelling in style – destinations to add to your bucket list
February 11, 2017 Propertyology

Coming back to work after the Christmas holidays is never easy, especially if you didn’t get to stray far from your usual routine over the break. You might be finding yourself drifting off into a daydream about packing your bags, breaking your rental lease and flying overseas to holiday in a luxurious location.

Well, we’re here to (not) help! We’ve put together a list of unique, exotic destinations that will push those daydreams a bit further and possibly, one day, turn them into reality.

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives
Vaadhoo Island is a tiny, tropical wonderland right in the midst of the Maldives. If relaxation is what you’re after, this place is a must. Upon nightfall, island visitors are welcomed by oceans full of dinoflagellates (tiny phytoplankton), which create a bioluminescence in the water. This phenomenon has been named the ‘Sea of the Stars’ because it appears as if the night sky is shining in the water.


Barbados, Caribbean
While the Bahamas is the seemingly obvious choice when it comes to booking a holiday to the Caribbean, you might find it pays off to try someplace different… Especially if that place is Barbados. Explore the rugged north coast and lush east coast while feasting on fresh fish and seafood from the fine dining restaurants or cafes along the shore.


Andorra La Vella, Andorra
Andorra is a small principality that straddles the border of France and Spain, in the Pyrenees mountains. An often forgotten about ‘mini country’, however definitely one for the bucket list! Plan your visit in the summertime to hike through lush greenery and see picturesque countryside views, or hit the slopes in Winter and see the mountain tops glisten with a snowy white glow.

The capital, Andorra La Vella, boasts a range of boutique hotels, restaurants and shops – and shopping is particularly cheap due to the lenient tax laws!


Barcelona, Spanish
Gaudi’s brilliant architectural masterpieces are not the only reason to plan a trip to this beautiful city. Wandering around each of the barrios and getting lost in the laneways is all part of the fun, as you discover new tiny boutique stores and thriving cafes and bars. There’s delicious local cuisine to be found on every street corner, history and culture engraved into every building, the weather is near perfect year-round, and the beaches are full of sun-kissed skin and friendly faces. Climbing ‘Bunkers del Carmel’ in the late afternoon and watching the sunset from the top is said to be breathtaking.


Oslo, Norway
The fourth happiest place in the world! Norway is renowned for its abundance of Michelin star fine dining restaurant options, and its rich landscapes. Oslo, in particular, is praised for being a culturally vibrant city, full of delicious food and alcohol options. Stroll through the city, and you’ll come across an abundance of boutique art galleries, and gorgeous architecture.

Head there in the summer for 24-hour sun, or in the cooler months to see the beautiful Aurora Borealis (pictured below).



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