Affordable Low Maintenance Investment Property

Affordable Low Maintenance Investment Property
February 10, 2017 Euan Rose


As far as first time investing goes, it doesn’t get much better than this very affordable low maintenance property.

During initial discussions and our early negotiations, we were supplied a copy of the pre-purchase building inspection report for this particular property by the sales agent. It had been completed by the vendors had prior to the property being marketed for sale.  In this particular report some structural issues with respect to the external carport and door were brought to our attention. Our Buyers Agent, Euan Rose through extended negotiations was able to have the vendors attend to the necessary repairs prior to having our offer accepted.

With the repairs completed, David is now the proud owner of a very low maintenance property in an very exciting and economically diverse regional location.

Following a structured investment plan which has been created by a tertiary qualified Property Investment Advisor will allow David to acquire a portfolio of 10 properties over the next 15 years.

We look forward to working with David, a first time PROPERTYOLOGY client over the coming years as we continue to implement his Strategic Property Investment Plan.

Congratulations David!

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