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Benefits of a Short Staycation

Benefits of a Short Staycation
March 6, 2017 Propertyology

Are you looking for a short getaway that will satisfy all of your travel needs, without having to splurge on a plane ticket? Maybe you’ve only got a short amount of time to spend on your holidays, or you have other contributing factors holding you back from leaving the comforts of your own country? Either way, a staycation might be the exact break you’re looking for.

What is this strange terminology you’re referring to?
Staycation is the word used to describe a mini holiday in which one does not leave the comforts of their home country, but takes time off work to go on short trips around their local area.

You don’t need to go abroad to have an adventure.
If your Facebook feed is filled with photos of your friends posing next to llamas in Machu Picchu or snorkelling with sea lions in the tropical Galapagos Islands, then it’s safe to say you might be feeling a bit green with envy. Travelling and exploring new places is not only fun, but good for the soul too. In saying that, you don’t need to leave the country to discover new sights and create an everlasting album of memories.

We are particularly lucky in Australia, as we have abounding amounts of beautiful scenery and landscapes just dying to be explored.

A positive mindset is key.
The most important aspect of any adventure is starting out with a positive mindset. Taking a week off work and not venturing far from home could easily seem pointless if you don’t have the right outlook. Pump yourself up by doing some research on your surrounding areas and planning activities you know you’ll enjoy.

If you want to take your staycation to the next level, book yourself into a hotel for a few nights. This will help distract your mind from your daily routine, eliminating the need to clean or do other chores and allowing more time for relaxing!

Not convinced yet? Here are a few more reasons to enjoy a staycation next holidays.

1. Open up your perspectives
Sometimes we undervalue certain things simply because of their proximity to us. They seem less attractive because they are more readily available. However, taking the time to explore will open up your perspectives and lead to a newfound appreciation for your local area.

The mountainous hike 40 minutes from your house mightn’t seem all that exciting on google maps, but climb it just before sunrise with a packed picnic and a bottle of Champagne, and you could be surprised by how beautiful the view at the top is.

2. Save money
Overseas travel is pricey; there’s no doubt about it. If flights, transport and accommodation costs aren’t enough to break your bank account, don’t forget about passport renewals and visa purchases, luggage and appropriate clothing options, and everything in between.

Being a tourist around your own city will save you a lot of money, which you can either use on your next holiday or put to good use as an investment.

3. Less stress
We all like to envision overseas trips as the most relaxing, fun-filled, feet-up time when, in reality, they can be pretty darn stressful. From going through a foreign country’s airport security checks to attempting to communicate with your Spanish cab driver to get you to your hotel, there are many stressful elements of travelling abroad. You might even be lucky enough to have some unexpected curveballs thrown at you (i.e. lost luggage, missed flight, etc…). While these things always make for a good story months down the track, they’re not quite so funny at the time of occurrence.

4. Less effort
Mishaps aside, an overseas holiday requires a lot of effort and nine times out of ten, you end up starting back at work feeling less refreshed than before you left. Save yourself the hassle of organising international documents and squeezing the essentials into your suitcase without it going over the baggage limit, by taking a staycation instead.


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