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A Better Way, A Different Way, Needs An Open Mind!

A Better Way, A Different Way, Needs An Open Mind!
August 15, 2016 Bryan Loughnan



Having recently assisted first time PROPERTYOLOGY clients Lee and Linda purchase this well presented 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom property, our team are already working closely with them to begin the search for the next addition to their property investment portfolio.

Like many of our clients, when they first contacted us, Lee and Linda had quite a specific idea in mind as to what they considered the perfect investment property.  Ultimately, they were looking for an investment property (specifically house and land) in very select pockets of western Brisbane.

Whilst Lee and Linda, who had read many magazines and property related articles believed this was what was best for them, we believe by maintaining an open mind, they have been able to make a much better investment decision.  A huge congratulations must be given to them for this.

More often than not, what a client believes they need is very different from what they actually need to help them achieve their financial goals.  They often create these mindsets by ‘reading’ rather than conducting real ‘research’.

Through quite a few general property market discussions as well as providing significant amounts of supporting evidence, we were able to gain Lee and Linda’s confidence and ultimately assist them in purchasing this very well presented property in a very exciting, major, regional location, which we feel has as much, or possibly more potential, with less risk, than Brisbane.

The property, situated in a highly sought after pocket of this location, is less than 5 minutes to the CBD and other large employment nodes such as the hospital and major university.

Whilst this might not be the exact property, or even location, Lee and Linda had in mind when they first contacted us, we certainly believe by maintaining an open mind and understanding the advantages of working closely with a professional, they have made a very astute investment decision.

We look forward to working closely with you both again Lee and Linda, as the search is about to begin for your next property!


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