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Do your eyes make the best investment decisions?

Do your eyes make the best investment decisions?
March 21, 2016 Propertyology Head of Research and REIA Hall of Famer, Simon Pressley


If we told you an astute share investor was selecting shares based on company logos,  you would probably laugh, or say something like ‘well that’s just crazy’.  We couldn’t agree more.

So why is it, that so many ‘astute’ property investors let their sense of sight so strongly dictate their property purchases?

We aren’t saying go out and hunt for the ugliest most run down property you can find, but to truly build wealth through property, you need to take a step back.  You need to understand and treat property as the financial instrument that it is.  You can’t make a superficial decision based on what you see and what you like.

When stepping back, you need to firstly understand that Australia is a huge country.  You need to assess the property market at a macro level.  What are the different industry drivers, what is the outlook for each of those industries?

Then you need to drill down into the local economy.  What is the style of dwelling that is sought after by the local demographic?  Historically, how has supply been controlled?  What about future supply and demand?  What about local population trends?

Understanding that the objective of property investment is to maximise returns, Celeste appointed Propertyology.

Celeste, a first time investor from Melbourne realised quickly that there was more to fully understanding property markets than simply reading a magazine or online forum.  With our expertise in market research, selecting and negotiating the purchase of an individual property as well as full management of the due diligence process on her behalf, Celeste confidently was able to make one of the biggest financial decisions of her life.

Congratulations again on taking a huge step to securing your financial future Celeste.


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