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Can I have my smashed avo & still invest in property???

Can I have my smashed avo & still invest in property???
June 26, 2017 Bryan Loughnan

Can I have my smashed avo and still invest in property??? Apparently so!!

“Hi All, just wanted to thank you all for a very smooth settlement. As a banker I have completed many settlements for my customers and it was great to be the customer on this one. I’m also happy to be back in the market and invested for the long term!  Thank you again!!!” – Collin, Sydney based client.

This strategically selected property is located in a particular regional city which;

  • Has been flagged by both the federal government and respective state government as being a significant employment and economic hub moving forward,
  • Has an exciting diverse economic profile with a mix of industry drivers which include Tourism, Agriculture, Education and Public Services,
  • Is very affordable, with a typical well-presented property currently selling between $350,000 and $400,000,
  • In general, has a very healthy rental return with a typical well-presented property renting for between $380 and $420 per week.  That’s a rental yield in excess of 5%!  You don’t see that in many Australian Capital Cities today.
  • Has cafes offering smashed avocado and lattes on their breakfast menus for half the price of some Capital City restaurants!!  What more could you want????

This very well-presented property is expected to rent for $380 per week.  Bryan was able to secure the purchase on Collin’s behalf for only $373,000!!

Whilst a 5.2% rental yield is amazing in itself, it’s the medium and long term economic outlook and in turn, capital growth prospects for this particular location which is most exciting.

Congratulations again Collin!

We are so glad you are as happy and excited about your investment as we are!


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