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Helping another client make an astute investment decision.

Helping another client make an astute investment decision.
March 30, 2016 Propertyology Head of Research and REIA Hall of Famer, Simon Pressley


Our team are already searching for the next property to add to Damon’s portfolio having only recently assisted him purchase this very well presented 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom property.

Like many of our clients, when he first contacted us, Damon had a very specific idea in mind as to what he considered the perfect investment property.  Ultimately, he was looking for a 2+ bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment or townhouse in very select pockets of Brisbane.

Whilst Damon, who had read many magazines and property related articles believed the above was what was best for him, a huge congratulations must be given for maintaining an open mind.

At Propertyology, we will never force anyone to do anything they aren’t comfortable with.  That being said, would we be doing our job as best as possible, if as advisors, we simply took a fee and completed a purchase for a client based on a simple checklist they created?  We might not be doing anything wrong by doing as they ask, but is that actually what’s best for them?  Unlikely.

We study property markets nation-wide, for a living.  We strategically select locations based on extensive economic profiling and assist clients invest in high performing assets.

Through several general market discussions as well as providing supporting facts and figures, we were able to build confidence in Damon and ultimately assist him in purchasing this very well presented property in an Australian Capital City which we feel has more potential, with less risk, than Brisbane.

The property is situated in a highly sought after suburb approximately 10 minutes to the CBD and less than 15 minutes to other large employment nodes.

Whilst this might not be the exact property, or even location, Damon had in mind when he first contacted us, we certainly believe he has made a very astute investment decision.

The search is well and truly underway and we look forward to securing your next property soon Damon. For the record, this property won’t be located in Brisbane either…


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