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We Loved Helping Our Young Remote Clients to Invest

We Loved Helping Our Young Remote Clients to Invest
February 16, 2017 Euan Rose

This particular property was on Propertyology Buyer’s Agent Euan Rose’s radar for some months. During his initial negotiations, Euan discovered the vendors expectations were well above his independent market appraisal. Even though our client’s budget would have allowed them to purchase the property at the asking price, Euan did no further work on the property given he felt this price did not reflect ‘astute investing’ and moved on.

After receiving very little interest at the higher price, Euan was contacted again by the agent recently advising that the vendors were now ‘willing to meet the market’. Euan after quite a bit of back and forth was able to secure the property for the very affordable price of only $350,000

With this property being secured, Ben and Claire are now the proud owners of a very low maintenance property in an very exciting and economically diverse regional location.  Congratulations Ben and Claire! Very much looking forward to assisting again in the future.

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