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Maximize Capital and Cash-Flow

Maximize Capital and Cash-Flow
September 3, 2015 Propertyology Head of Research and REIA Hall of Famer, Simon Pressley

Maximize Capital and Cash Flow

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Jorma and Maya first contacted PROPERTYOLGY knowing like most Australians that they wanted to exit the workforce at some point.  However, they had no idea how they would make this happen and were like 96% of 65 year old Australia’s – headed for reliance on the government funded pension.

Just over a year ago, with our assistance, Jorma and Maya formalised a structured Property Investment Plan, which included restructuring existing debts on their principle place of residence.  It also included a strategic sale of an existing investment property to help maximize their capital and cash-flow capacity.

The majority of property investors purchase within 10km of where they live, simply because they believe they ‘know the market’.  At PROPERTYOLOGY we study property markets nationally and with this extensive information we have been able to assist these Brisbane based investors with the acquisition of four investment properties over the last twelve months.  These properties have been purchased across four locations in three different states, each of which have strong population and employment growth prospects and are driven by a wide variety of economic industries.

None are in Brisbane.

Jorma and Maya, similar to astute share investors, have been able to diversify their properties to assist in risk mitigation.

With a formal investment strategy allowing for the purchase of an additional five investment properties over the next 10 years, these clients have taken control of their future and can be confident that they will be in a position to retire comfortably without being reliant on the government pension.

A huge congratulations from everyone at PROPERTYOLOGY Jorma and Maya!


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