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This Time Patience Really Did Pay Off!

This Time Patience Really Did Pay Off!
December 19, 2016 Bryan Loughnan


This property was brought directly to Bryan’s attention back in May, thanks to an ongoing relationship building with a Sales Agent. At the time, the vendors were seeking offers over $355,000. Bryan knowing the market, quickly realised this was quite unrealistic and made an offer in the high $330,000’s. It was quickly declined by the vendor and without wasting any further time, we moved on.

A few weeks ago, the sales agent reached out to Bryan again, saying the vendors were now ‘willing to meet the market’.  Bryan was able to use this to our client’s advantage and was able to secure the property for LESS than we had originally offered back in May!

Overall we feel this is an exceptional result for our first time clients Shane and Kathryn.  Congratulations again!

Sometimes negotiations only take a few hours, sometimes patience really does pay off!


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