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Planning Is Powerful!

Planning Is Powerful!
December 5, 2016 Euan Rose


Late last year, with the assistance of our Qualified Property Investment Advisors, our Brisbane clients Rod and Karen formalised a structured Property Investment Plan, which included reviewing and restructuring existing debts on their principle place of residence as well as strategic financial modelling to help maximise their capital and cash-flow capacity.

The majority of property investors purchase within their local community, simply because they believe they ‘know the market’.

Our Market Analysts study property markets nationally and with this extensive information we have been able to assist Rod and Karen acquire their first two investment properties in less than six months.  These properties have been purchased in two locations in different states, each of which have strong population and employment growth prospects and are driven by a wide variety of economic industries.

Neither of which are located in Brisbane, or even Queensland for that matter!

Rod and Karen have been able to begin building their property portfolio whilst giving strong consideration to risk mitigation, just as an astute share investor would.

With their formal investment strategy allowing for the purchase of an additional three investment properties over the next six years, our clients have taken control of their future and can be confident that they will be in a position to retire comfortably without being reliant on the government pension.

A huge congratulations from everyone at PROPERTYOLOGY Rod and Karen!


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