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What Are Your Plans? Don’t Be All Talk and No Action.

What Are Your Plans? Don’t Be All Talk and No Action.
June 1, 2016 Bryan Loughnan


We are contacted every day by people from all around the world who ‘want to buy an investment property’.  Rather than just racing out and assisting a client purchase what they believe they want, based on a comment a friend made or something they read in the media, we spend a lot of time every week speaking with clients, discussing and getting to understand their investment goals and objectives.

Ultimately, when we drill down, more often than not, people who contact PROPERTYOLOGY want to build wealth through their preferred asset class, property. They would like to one day exit the work force and maintain a lifestyle that is unlikely to be supported by the Government funded pension which is less than $35,000 per year PER COUPLE!

Almost everyone we speak with says their motivation is financial freedom. However, with a massive 96% of Australian’s being reliant on the Government funded pension by the age of 65, it suggests that the majority of people are ‘all talk and no action’.

It’s one thing to say you are motivated about setting yourself up for the future, it’s another to set goals and execute them. This is exactly what new PROPERTYOLOGY clients Toby and Samantha are in the process of doing – taking control of their financial future.

Whilst currently based (and renting) in Brisbane, Toby and Samantha have invested time and money to meet with our qualified Property Investment Advisor, Glen Byrne, on two separate occasions. Taking time out of their busy work and home schedules, like anyone, was not easy. They however saw the benefit in creating a formal property investment strategy upfront. Ensuring that they maximise the use of their investment capital and cash flow from the beginning.

This property is the first of three which we will be assisting Toby and Samantha purchase over the coming months. Each of the properties will be in a strategically selected location based on long term capital growth drivers such as population and employment growth prospects. Each will more than likely be located in a different state to ensure they are building a diverse portfolio not reliant on any one particular state government and each location will be driven by a wide variety of economic industries.

Their long term strategy allows for an additional 8 properties to be purchased over the next 20 years to help them achieve their personal investment goals.

Whilst initial motivation and planning are important to anyone trying to achieve something in life, these mean nothing without precise execution and ongoing drive.

With settlement of this first property having only just occurred, the team at PROPERTYOLOGY are already well and truly progressed with finding the perfect second property in a completely different location!

Toby and Samantha, we look forward to continuing to work with you and helping you achieve your goals in the years ahead.


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