Property Investing. Do You Decide By Facts Or Feelings?

Property Investing. Do You Decide By Facts Or Feelings?
November 21, 2016 Euan Rose


As an investment, property needs to be treated as a financial instrument (similar to shares) and investing in property should be as emotionless as possible. Investing, whether it is in shares or in property is about building wealth and making money, but it should also be about minimising risks along the way.

Choosing an investment property within a strategically selected location is a lot more complex than reading property forums, glossy magazines and searching online real estate portals.  Understanding the general demographic, what the demand is for accommodation and what the drivers for ongoing demand are in that location are important.  Equally important is understanding the historical and forecasted new supply.

After all this is established, and then, once we have physically driven the streets, working out, based on all of the information we have collated, is it decided what dwelling style makes the best investment decision for the particular location.

This is just one part of the process the PROPERTYOLOGY team went through and some of the information we carefully considered prior to formally recommending this location and this specific property to first time client Mark.  Whilst this particular property presents exceptionally well, it might even be the style of property that Mark would live in himself, that isn’t the reason it was selected.  This property meets PROPERTYOLOGY’s strict selection criteria in terms of zoning, flooding, social housing and proposed development activity just to name a few.  It is situated in one of our ‘acceptable streets’, is the right style of property for the local demographic, appears to be low maintenance and in good condition.

This well presented 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home which our Buyers Agent Euan Rose negotiated for a very affordable $428,250 is situated close to key employment nodes and less than 15 minutes from the centre of an Australian capital city.

Overall an exceptional result.  Congratulations again Mark.

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