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Our ‘Science’ Is The Foundation For Every Investment Property Choice

Our ‘Science’ Is The Foundation For Every Investment Property Choice
June 21, 2016 Euan Rose

Six weeks ago, we assisted Yvonne and Andy purchase their first investment property.

This second investment property, whilst very well presented, has been selected as it meets our strict criteria – it’s in one of PROPERTYOLOGY’s strategically selected cities (which is actually in a completely different state to their first property) and identified growth drivers include expanding education, agriculture, health and tourism industries. Being in the right location however, is only half the job.

If you’ve ever spoken to one of our specialists Bryan, Euan or Glen about our selection process, you’ll know that we don’t choose properties by how it looks or even a suburb name. PROPERTYOLOGY’s research drills right down into such a micro-analytic process, where we only consider buying properties of a specific dwelling style and located on specific streets.

Our street selection takes in to account things such as zoning, flood maps, traffic congestion, employment nodes, proximity to social infrastructure, public transport, crime rates, demographics, gentrification plans, and more.  Generally, it could be less than 10% of streets within a chosen city which make our “acceptable” list.

Regardless of which state these locations are in, PROPERTYOLOGY has also (physically) driven every one of these streets prior to it making our “acceptable” list.

It’s only after this forensic level research has been completed that we then commence a more traditional buyer’s agent service using our skills to negotiate to purchase a property at the very best price possible for our client.

In this case, the property was listed for sale with a price guide of “$428,000+”, and even with the vendors expectations of being in the $430,000’s, we were able to negotiate a purchase price of $420,000 for Yvonne and Andy – overall a fantastic result in what is a very buoyant market for this large, well presented 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom family home!

When buying property is your core business you develop a much deeper knowledge and skill than those who buy a property once in a while!


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