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Splashing out at Christmas? Read this first.

Splashing out at Christmas? Read this first.
October 31, 2017 Propertyology

The figures are mind-blowing. Not only are there less than 60 days until Christmas (pick yourself up off the floor!), but in 2016 Australians collectively spent more than $48 billion on gifts, food and decorations in the lead-up to the big day.

Just think about that sheer volume of money, and then try to remember your favourite gift from 2016. You may have received it; you may have given it. Can you remember what it was? Many of us find it easier to remember the general joy of Christmases past, but often not the specific presents.

How much did you spend on gifts that have been forgotten? Imagine if just some of that $48 billion had been saved, and redirected into bricks and mortar investments.

Throughout each silly season, the Australian Retailers Association stands by, counting every dollar spent. Last year it noted a three per cent increase in sales compared to 2015; proof that as a nation, we’re wealthy enough but we’re perhaps not learning to spend in moderation.

Simon Pressley from Propertyology says 2017 is the year to think more seriously about putting your money elsewhere.

“Christmas is great, don’t get me wrong. I love it, but I also see people spending too much, when they could be making their money work better for them. Nobody needs to go overboard,” he says.

“In the past 12 months, we’ve helped approximately one hundred clients from all over the country invest in property for an average of $50 per week. Twenty per cent of these everyday Aussies do not have to put their hand in their pocket each week for anything”.

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“Even if you have the best of intentions to start investing in property, or expand your portfolio, it’s hard to make that leap in the New Year when you’re paying off a Christmas credit card hangover.”

There are literally billions of reasons to get started on the property ladder.

Fortune Magazine famously states that “…97% of all wealth is either created or held in property,” and it’s easy to see that owning property is a major generator of income and wealth.

The unfortunate reality is that very few Australians prioritise their future. According to government data, of the 3.6 million Australians who are already at the retirement age of 65 or more, only 18 per cent are financially independent. At $45 billion last year, the aged pension is the biggest line item in the federal government’s profit-and-loss statement.

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You might keep this in mind next time you’re loading your trolley with gifts that might not all be entirely necessary. Ignore the Christmas marketing hype and save some of your pennies!

Mr Pressley says far from talk of a downturn, there’s an abundance of profitable property investment opportunities across Australia.

“Property market analysis is at the core of what we do. We forensically examine fundamentals of all markets across Australia. Our buyer’s agents tap in to this valuable resource to help everyday Aussies invest in the right property, in the right city, at the right price,” he says.

Make 2017 the Christmas dedicated to Scrooge, and question where you’re spending every dollar.

“In years to come, you’ll be thankful for putting some of your Christmas budget aside for a property investment in 2018,” Pressley says.

We’re not huge fans of Scrooge’s meanness, but the old bloke did have one or two admirable habits; mostly related to saving money and, well, spending less than he had. Especially at Christmas.

We’d just expand on that to encourage Scrooge to put some of those savings into property, and we’d find him the right property at the best price in a cracker spot. And we’d encourage him to smile more, relax a lot and live a little at Christmas. Everything in moderation.

So – remember this: property, not presents. Freehold, not fashion. Realty, not retail. Titles, not trends. Assets, not arrears.

Suddenly investing makes more sense than ever before!

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