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The Power of a Plan

The Power of a Plan
April 2, 2016 Bryan Loughnan


If you ask most Australian’s whether they want to rely on the $32,000 (per couple) government funded pension when they decide to exit the workforce, or if they would rather live a much more enjoyable self-funded retirement, I would be very surprised if anyone said the former.

Matt and Kathy, new PROPERTYOLOGY clients, are absolutely no different. What Matt and Kathy do have, that many people don’t however, is motivation and drive.

Whilst initially they had absolutely no idea how they would make their dreams a reality, over the last 6 months, with our assistance, Matt and Kathy have formalised a structured Property Investment Plan – a detailed financial modelling exercise to extract the most out of their capital and cash-flow capacity and sourced the most suitable finance arrangement to best fit their situation – not what suits the bank.

Combining their Property Investment Plan with PROPERTYOLOGY’s knowledge of property markets Australia-wide will ensure Matt and Kathy are giving themselves the best possible chance of building a high performing investment property portfolio with properties located in areas with strong prospects for growth in population and employment.

This well presented 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house which our Buyers Agent, Euan Rose negotiated for only $349,000 on behalf of our clients, is located minutes from an Australian capital city which has an economy driven by a wide variety of industries including Tourism, Education, Agriculture and Health.

With their Property Investment Plan allowing for two more investment properties to be purchased this year, Matt and Kathy can be confident that they are on their way to one day enjoying a self-funded retirement lifestyle that others will only be able to dream about.

Congratulations again for taking control of your financial future Matt and Kathy!


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