Working Closely Together Every Step Of The Way

Working Closely Together Every Step Of The Way
February 14, 2017 Euan Rose


“Our sincere thanks to you! We feel so fortunate to be on this journey knowing that we have you as partners. It has taken almost 10 months since we first came to meet with you and since then, we have felt confident in every step of the way”Andrew and Tabetha; Strategic property investment planning clients.

Upon securing this property on behalf of Andrew and Tabetha, as with any transaction, our team jumped into action to assist with all things due diligence.  Including liaising with conveyancers, property managers and arranging the necessary building inspections.

Whilst reviewing the associated reports for this particular property, it was noted that the local independent building inspector had raised some concerns which, could well have caused a ‘DIY’ buyer to terminate the contract with no further questions asked.  After obtaining additional information and determining that the items noted were not structural or significant in nature, our Buyer’s Agent Euan Rose worked closely with our astute clients, to consider all the available options.  In the end, Euan was successful in negotiating a significant reduction of the already agreed purchase price.

We originally secured this low maintenance 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom brick home for a very affordable $310,000.  A further reduction of $5,000 was subsequently negotiated on Andrew and Tabetha’s behalf, which will enable them to attend to a few of the items raised in the due diligence reports should they so desire.  Overall an excellent outcome!


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