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Bridget Pressley | An expert in your corner

Bridget Pressley

Group Manager


Bridget Pressley

Group Manager

Bridget prides herself on her customer service; she is the friendly face which greets people on arrival at Propertyology’s office. It’s what Bridget does behind the scenes that enables others in the Propertyology team to shine.

The considerable content which Propertyology frequently posts and updates on our website would not be available to the public if not for Bridget. It’s been said that Bridget (and her keyboard) are the conduit to the information from Propertyology’s research team, which is headed up by Bridget’s husband, Simon Pressley.

From human resources responsibilities, to compliance matters, system implementation, database management, accounts control, and social media, Bridget’s daily tasks are quite diverse. Bridget’s role is essential to the efficiency of our unique business; essential to the client experience.

Following processes and attention to detail come naturally to Bridget. She has extensive experience in systems. In a former life, Bridget was a long-term employee of the Queensland Government where she excelled in a number of different roles involving systems management, data protection, and business relationship management.

A strong and determined woman, when Bridget commits to something others can count on her to do it well. She’s more than a team player. Bridget is always thinking about others and always goes out of her way to help, often without being asked. Her Propertyology colleagues describe Bridget as “the glue that bonds us all together”.

Raised in the regional town of Dalby, one of Bridget’s finest qualities is her honesty.

A busy schedule is not a sufficient reason for Bridget to compromise on health and fitness. While most people are still tucked up in bed, on most mornings Bridget will be at the gym by 5:00am. Bridget describes exercise as “medicine for the mind”.

In her private life, Bridget enjoys relaxing with friends over a coffee (or champagne) and a nice meal. She also enjoys time at the beach, reading fashion magazines, and simply chilling out around home.

Bridget likes people who truly care about doing their best. She admires those who make a genuine effort to excel.