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Our business was originally founded in 1998 and has evolved significantly over the years. We are one business which, through a few subsidiary companies, employs a team of highly skilled specialists in a variety of different professions.

With property as our asset class specialisation, our aim is to help people to make good decisions for their financial future. We do this using an integrated approach with a range of professional services, including property market research (Australia-wide), buyer’s agency, investment planning, and mortgage broking.

To make the process as seamless as possible for our clients, we also form alliances with external parties for services such as conveyancing, property management, property inspections, and quantity surveying (depreciation schedules). We do not accept referral fees from these third parties.

The Science of Property Markets

According to 2012/13 Australian Taxation Office statistics, 1,944,080 individuals declared rental income on 2,809,330 rental properties (a mere 1.44 properties per investor).

From forecasting property markets, share markets, to commodity prices, or the weather, the influencing factors are wide ranging. It’s by no means an exact science however, there is a science to forecasting; it’s part of our core business!

Investing is too important to rely on wives tales, myths, and media reports. Propertyology applies our learnings from formal studies of Australian property market history.

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A national interest in investing

Across eight states and territories, there are approximately 550 individual local government jurisdictions; each one of these is akin to a company on the stock exchange.

PROPERTYOLOGY’s core business is to analyse the investment fundamentals of these 550 locations and to strategically select those which we believe have good, long-term, investment potential.

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