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Assisting You To Identify & Negotiate The Purchase Of High-Performing Investment Properties.

What Propertyology Can Do For You


So, you are looking to invest in a property.

Before you exert too much time and money we hope you’ve asked yourself a most important question – “Do you wish to buy a property or do you wish to invest?”

If you are hell-bent on putting your money in to a property purely because it has to look a particular way, be situated within a certain proximity to where you live, or because you love renovating then you want to “buy” a property. If however, you want to maximise your returns so that your money, not yourself, is working harder, then it sounds like you want to “invest” in property and we can help you.

Across Australia’s 8 states and territories, there are 183 individual towns and cities with a population of 10,000 people or more and a total 10.3 million residential properties. Don’t limit your investment potential to a handful of suburbs in close proximity to where you live.

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1. Area Selection

Australia is a big country. Propertyology understands that astute property investors want to achieve more than buy a property in their local neighborhood – they wish to take advantage of the best investment opportunities.

PROPERTYOLOGY’S research team constantly study economic drivers throughout Australia and form opinions with regards to how these numerous factors affect the future demand (and supply) of accommodation. Upon being formally appointed, PROPERTYOLOGY will consult with you further and supply you with a detailed research report for a specific location which may compliment your investment strategy.

The report will contain a detailed economic profile, demographics, population trends, major projects, anticipated growth drivers, housing supply trends, and more.

2. Property Selection Criteria

PROPERTYOLOGY will identify specific property styles and acceptable streets for the area. Our research includes considerations such as demographics, zoning, employment nodes, flooding, social housing, transport flows, amenities, and future developments.

3. Property Sourcing

We don’t have a product list and we don’t sell property. Specialists within PROPERTYOLOGY’s team buy property every day. We will help you to identify a suitable property within a chosen location, in attempt to save you time, money, and to provide you with peace of mind.

4. Negotiations

We work for YOU – the buyer! PROPERTYOLOGY’S role is to help you purchase at the lowest possible price – we buy property for a living and are professional negotiators.

5. Due Diligence

We help you organise building and pest inspections, conveyancing and valuations. PROPERTYOLOGY knows the right questions to ask and where to get the answers.

6. Property Management

We have relationships with reputable property managers in locations throughout Australia.

7. Formal Investment Planning

For the truly motivated investor who places greater importance on having confidence about their financial future, we offer an investment planning service.

A tertiary-qualified Property Investment Advisor will work with you to define your long-term financial goals, use strategies to give your money a better chance of working harder, respect your individual risk profile, suggest creative debt structures, develop a risk management strategy, educate you about investment principles, and aim to keep you on track.



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