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Negative Gearing – A Sustainable Future

Negative Gearing – A Sustainable Future
February 8, 2016 Simon Pressley


These are official numbers.

If you are currently sitting in the 72.8% category, well done for starting your journey.

If you are currently sitting in the 0.9% category, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are wealthy however, it’s a real credit to you for planting 6+ seeds. You now have more ‘trees’ in the ground and are more likely to grow an ‘orchard’ that will one day bare fruit.

Propertyology wants to help more Australians to find the best soil and to plant more ‘trees’ so that we can all feed ourselves from our own farm. That’s a much more sustainable society than the alternative.

Watch The Interview With Kevin Turner from Real Estate Talk


For more on negative gearing, read The Best Decisions Start With Reviewing 100% Of Your Choices

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