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This is the first property that PROPERTYOLOGY have purchased for our client Jessica, a young New South Wales based investor, who was referred to us by her finance broker.  Jess was looking for assistance in setting up her financial future by purchasing another investment property.

Even though both Jess and her finance broker had read through several mainstream media outlets and magazines that South East Queensland was currently the best place to invest, we believe their decision to contact us was a good one.  In our professional opinion, even though our office is based in Brisbane and our staff all live in Brisbane, Jess had, like a lot of other investors who are looking to achieve long term capital growth, the capacity to do much better.

While this very well presented, large, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom property is located in a major Australian capital city – it certainly isn’t Brisbane!

This particular city is driven by multiple sustainable economic industries and with several projects in the pipe-line, a very good employment growth outlook.  Jess, by her own admission, would have been unlikely to give this location a second thought had she not sought the advice of a professional property research team.  A team that analysis’ property markets Australia-wide and has absolutely no vested interest other than ensuring our clients best interest is number one!

With what we are PROPERTYOLOGY currently consider the most exciting long term capital growth outlook anywhere in Australia and a rental yield of 5% we believe this is a great result.

With this property having only just recently settled, Jess is already working closely with her finance broker to arrange a formal pre-approval for her next purchase which to minimise risk and completely diversify her portfolio will be a location in a completely different state with completely different economic drivers.

Congratulations again Jess!