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Analysis Paralysis?

Analysis Paralysis?
February 18, 2015 Simon Pressley

Analysis ParalysisPROPERTYOLOGY recently worked with first time property investor, John.  A full time worker, single father and short on time, John had asked his father Tony to help him with arranging his property investment.  Together, Tony and John had worked themselves into a bit of a frenzy!

With a real interest in getting themselves into the property market, Tony had subscribed to several magazines, read many books, attended seminars run by property investment ‘experts’, and watched TV programs. Along the way they had collected a whole lot of conflicting information about what is important when it comes to selecting their property.  Little by little, the list of criteria for buying their property grew longer and longer.  Finally, they took all of this information and started searching for this elusive ‘needle in a haystack’ property.

With a list of ‘requirements’ 4 pages long, the search for the perfect property was almost impossible.  Eventually they did make an offer on a property only to discover structural defects during their due diligence process and having to terminate the contract.

Three years of researching and searching and yet nothing to show for it!

Frustrated at their lack of progress, Tony and John phoned PROPERTYOLOGY for some advice.

As professionals in this industry, PROPERTYOLOGY were able to help Tony and John understand what was really important.  Taking a big picture approach, we opened their eyes to a location which they had eliminated during their own research and we successfully negotiated the purchase of a suitable property a few weeks later.

Tony and John, the whole team at Propertyology wants to thank you for placing your trust in us.  We commend you for your progress to date and are thrilled to now be working with you to find you the perfect second investment property for your portfolio.

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