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Angie and Simon : Propertyology helped us find a happy home

Angie and Simon : Propertyology helped us find a happy home
December 10, 2016 Propertyology

“We’ve got a place that we never thought we would be able to afford, we’re more local to work, to the airport, to the beaches, to the city, and we’ve been able to live a far more affluent lifestyle than we ever thought we would be able to.”

After meeting with Propertyology, Sydney couple, Angie and Simon’s perceptions about ‘renting versus owning’ changed dramatically. They were so encouraged that they sold their house to fund their future retirement. And it’s already turning out quite nicely for them!

Angie and Simon had assumed, like many average Australians, that superannuation would fund their retirement. They had a vision of owning some real estate but didn’t quite know how to get there. From his initial research, Simon realised that investing in property was much more complicated than at first glance and that working with an expert in Real Estate made the most sense. Which is why they asked Propertyology for help.

“It’s very hard to find someone whose sole focus is Real Estate and not other types of investment.”

Being from Sydney, the couple reasoned that in preparing to make such a big decision for their future, “a quick trip to Brisbane wasn’t a problem”.

Meeting the team in person helped Angie and Simon come to an understanding of where they wanted to be and gave them the confidence that Propertyology had the knowledge and experience to help them get there.

The first thing that impressed the couple upon being introduced to Propertyology was that their consultant had every facet looked after for them, including a team of experts on-hand to answer their questions and walk them through the entire process. From the finance to the conveyancing, the property management to the accountancy and solicitors, even the tax depreciation agents are just a phone call away.

Another thing Angie and Simon found helpful was that every member of the team had been through the process of purchasing rental investment property themselves. They were able to draw from their own experiences firsthand which helped guide the couple through the process and gave them a lot of confidence that they were heading down the right track.

“We came back from Brisbane and instantly put our house on the market and sold it straight away,” says Angie.

“That left us in a position where we were able to go out and find ourselves a rental, which put us into the nice apartment where we are now.”

“Selling our house gave us the ability to actually buy more investment properties,” explains Simon.

“We haven’t visited any one of the properties that we’ve purchased. But we’re totally comfortable that they’re already returning a positively geared investment.”

“Propertyology are just so efficient. They deliver when they say they will, so it just makes life so much easier for us because we know we can trust them,” adds Angie.

Angie and Simon have purchased five investment properties in six months. They have discovered that once you get past the initial process of buying your first property, and take the emotion out of that purchase, it becomes a lot simpler.

The couple feels a lot more secure and are looking forward to retirement now that Propertyology has set them up for the future.

“In 10 or 15 years we’ll be at a point where we can retire but that’s now in our control rather than the Government’s,” says Simon.

It turns out that another part of their dream has also arrived much earlier than they expected.

“This lifestyle that we’re living at the moment would have been maybe ten years down the track… But it’s come a lot sooner, and it’s exactly the lifestyle we wanted… we love it,” says Angie.

Simon agrees.