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Don’t Let Being Busy Stop You Investing

Don’t Let Being Busy Stop You Investing
May 25, 2017 Euan Rose

Laura, an experienced investor from Coastal Qld approached us after realising a busy work and personal schedule was hampering her ability to secure a great investment opportunity.

This particular property is situated in a the capital city of a completely different state to other properties she already owns.  Investing is about making money, however securing this property truly diversifies her portfolio with exposure to a different state government and their specific economy and exposure to different industry drivers.  Just the same way an astute share investor would look to diversify their portfolio!

Laura, by her own admission, would have been unlikely to give this location a second thought had she not sought the advice of a professional property research team.  A team that analyses property markets Australia-wide and has absolutely no vested interest other than our client’s best interest!

Subsequent to this recent settlement, Laura has already engaged our services and the search has already begun for another property in yet another exciting (and completely different) location!

Congratulations again on behalf of the entire Propertyology team Laura!

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