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PROPERTYOLOGY’S service is tailored specific to property investors. As informative as this website is, we appreciate that we will not have answered all of your questions. We are keen to schedule a specific time to answer all of your questions (either a face-to-face boardroom meeting or a teleconference).

PROPERTYOLOGY’S initial aim is to get to know you a bit, to discuss your own objectives, and to explain things such as PROPERTYOLOGY’S services, fee structure, business processes, and value proposition.In the same way that you, quite rightly, want to get to know more about us we also want to get to know you. In order to make the most of our time together, it is PROPERTYOLOGY’S policy to gather a small amount of information prior to our meeting.

Please take a few moments to complete and submit this document. PROPERTYOLOGY will review the information that you provide us prior to our meeting. The more information that you share with us the more we will be able to discuss how / where are skills might be able to add genuine value.

We look forward to talking soon. Thank you.

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  • Retirement income example:

    Step 1: $100,000 today is equivalent to $134,392 in 10 years time (3% CPI)
    Step 2: $2,687,833 in (net) assets, excluding the family home @ 5% return $134,392 income per annum

  • 96% of adult Australians will be reliant upon a government pension, in some way, to fund their lifestyle beyond their working life. To avoid being one of the 96% it is probable that you will need to:
    a) Put a plan in place
    b) Be disciplined and set aside some of your existing income for investing
    c) In order to achieve a different outcome, it is likely that you will need to act and think differently

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