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Inner-City Brisbane Not-Spot

Inner-City Brisbane Not-Spot
October 3, 2014 Simon Pressley

We think it is an example of good town planning. It will further enhance the desirability of the area. It will cop a lot of air play. It’s a marketing companies dream. But Propertyology will not invest in this inner-city Brisbane location.

The draft Kurilpa master plan forecasts a new suburb for 11,000 residents. It would be the biggest transformation since the successful overhaul of industrial land at Newstead and Teneriffe.

The South Brisbane riverside neighbourhood plan has earmarked the riverfront for apartments of up to 15 storeys. 8-storey mid-rise developments would be permitted on the main thoroughfare.

We’ve already seen how the mass development of high density housing within a short period of time ends up in property investment tears in places like Melbourne’s Docklands.

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