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Our Team – Euan Rose

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Profile – Euan Rose

It’s Euan’s impeccable core values and his diverse background that makes him the ideal person to be representing you for something as important as investing in property.

  • A level of honesty and integrity that one rarely comes in contact with.
  • A preparedness to make personal sacrifices in order to achieve goals that leaves you with no doubt that he’ll achieve whatever he sets his mind to.
  • A communication style which oozes sincerity and creates natural warmth and trust.
  • A genuine interest in using property as a vehicle to acquire financial independence.
  • When you deal with Euan yourself, you will quickly observe these qualities for yourself!

The importance which Euan places on working hard to acquire financial independence stems from seeing what it takes firsthand from his parents and grandparents. Growing up on the land in rural Southern Scotland, generations of the Rose family have been involved with farming and wildlife management. Financial success doesn’t just fall in to your lap, especially with the uncertainties that come with rural life!

Euan is an exceptionally talented academic who has always been prepared to do whatever it takes to acquire the necessary skills and experience to fulfil his ambitions. On graduating from high school, Euan’s professional interests were for a career of health and fitness. Euan moved away from the family farm and successfully completed a Masters’ Degree in Strength and Conditioning in Edinburgh.

The onset of the GFC made it impossible to embark on his first-choice, highly specialized career so, in 2009, Euan accepted an opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime, travelling to Australia for a semi-professional career in rugby league. With little more in his back-pack than his kilt and $1,000, Euan arrived in the regional New South Wales town of Wagga Wagga. He balanced his rugby league career with work at the local abattoir ~ they say that once agriculture gets in to your bloodstream it never leaves.

Travelling up the east coast of Australia and eventually arriving in Brisbane, Euan met his soon to be wife; the final confirmation that Australia had officially become Euan’s new home.

Keen to put down some roots of his own, Euan’s fierce determination kicked in to gear again when he accepted an opportunity to sacrifice lifestyle for higher income potential with a FIFO role in Queensland’s coal industry. Euan experienced firsthand how rivaling industries of agriculture and mining can work together. With the considerable challenges and responsibilities of mine site management, the transferable skills which Euan has drawn on for his Buyer’s Agent role with Propertyology’s team include clear communication, attention to detail, persuasive communication, respecting compliance requirements, project coordination, and problem solving.

Euan’s keen interest in property market drivers has been enriched from employment in a wide variety of industries including mining, agriculture, food manufacturing, health and fitness. From the very beginning of his work life, Euan has been very passionate about helping everyday people make better decisions and achieving their goals.

As a husband and father, Euan enjoys spending time with his young family and friends, competing in strongman competitions and, when he has a spare moment, getting away from it all in the great Australian bush.