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Our Team – Irene Panshin

An Expert In Your Corner

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Profile – Irene Panshin

Executive Support Officer

There’s a saying that goes ‘…if you have an important job, give it to the person who is always the busiest – they can be most depended upon to get it done properly’. Irene Panshin is that important person at PROPERTYOLOGY!

With a dynamic and fast evolving business such as PROPERTYOLOGY, much of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to create a pleasurable experience for our valued clients is thanks to Irene.

As Personal Assistant to PROPERTYOLOGY Managing Director, Simon Pressley, Irene is often the point of contact for client appointments, general enquiries about Propertyology’s service offering, handling our growing number of media requests, and managing relationships with other service providers.

Irene is often instrumental in helping our property investor clients to navigate their way from contract through to settlement. Irene does this by project managing things such as building and pest inspections and is a direct liaison with conveyancers, mortgage brokers, property managers, and quantity surveyors.

One of Irene’s core responsibilities is assisting with the production of a variety of property market research reports, graphics, information videos, and managing the content on PROPERTYOLOGY’S website (including our exclusive Members Only website).

A natural desire to help others, an exceptional ability to multi-task, a friendly and calm demeanour, and a good team player are just some of Irene’s great qualities. Such qualities have been refined over the years which includes experience in roles such as a Flight Attendant, fifteen years working in the Middle East as a Personal Assistant for a variety of companies, and a logistics role in Queensland’s coal seam gas industry.

Irene’s friendly smile matches her persona; her Russian heritage enriches the diversity of our workplace.
Irene enjoys scuba diving, swimming, cooking, and travel.
A Russian background and time spent working in the Middle East is an asset in Australia’s multi-cultural society.