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Our Team – Simon Pressley

An Expert In Your Corner

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Profile – Simon Pressley

Market Analyst, Buyer’s Agent, Accredited Advisor
QPIA®, Dip FP, Dip FMBM, ComDec

If it’s worth doing, do it well!” – this motto sums Simon up to a tee.

Managing Director of Propertyology and 3-time Australian (REIA) Buyer’s Agent Of The Year, Simon Pressley was inducted in to Australian real estate Hall Of Fame in 2015.

Simon is passionate about helping everyday Australians to build a more sustainable lifestyle through making astute property investment decisions. He (unapologetically) is renowned for challenging conventional wisdom to help people have a smoother journey to a better destination.

A strong lateral thinker and a thought leader, Simon spends several hours every day studying the property economics of Australia’s towns and cities. His strong and passionate opinions are often featured in the media.

Simon has a very clear vision to develop Propertyology in to Australia’s premier property investment services business. Providing advice for mum-and-dad investors, the services include negotiating the purchase of investment properties in strategically-chosen locations all over Australia, strategic portfolio building, and debt structuring.

Simon values professionalism, transparency, accountability, work ethic, loyalty, and healthy living. He enjoys a quality scotch, French champagne, sport, and resort holidays. In addition to property economics, Simon is passionate about the Brisbane Lions AFL.

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