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Propertyology Did All The Leg Work

Propertyology Did All The Leg Work
November 12, 2014 Propertyology Head of Research and REIA Hall of Famer, Simon Pressley

We are very appreciative of the services provided by the PROPERTYOLOGY team.

We had already decided to get professional help to invest. We both work full time and as business owners, our time away from work was spent raising our family. As our time was precious, and our property knowledge very limited, we knew we had found our avenue into property investment when we discovered PROPERTYOLOGY and the services they provided.

Their knowledge of property markets has been second to none.

We have been provided with written reports covering any aspect of the market in the areas we ultimately chose.

Not only did PROPERTYOLOGY get us a great price, they also did all the leg work from finding the property to organising the best finance, and conveyancing.

PROPERTYOLOGY secured two properties for us in a two week period. Our properties were rented immediately and have ever since provided income towards our retirement.

The staff were excellent in keeping us informed every step of the way via phone, text, and email.

If we can get into this market, anybody can, with the services provided at PROPERTYOLOGY, and we would certainly recommend their engagement!

We live in Central Australia, and work in our own businesses.

Kindest regards,

Haydn & Mary