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Propertyology Focused On Uncovering Opportunities

Propertyology Focused On Uncovering Opportunities
October 14, 2014 Simon Pressley

An accountant and bookkeeper from Sydney recently sent us this wonderful testimonial:

“To date we have purchased four (4) properties with PROPERTYOLOGY. They are in a mixture of states or at least within different regions within a given state.  Some are CBD, some are regional. Our portfolio now includes houses, villas and units. Whatever suits the local rental market”.

“We have been very impressed with PROPERTYOLOGY’s market knowledge as they have identified areas with terrific growth drivers before anybody else even notices them, and certainly before the markets in those areas heat up. They really focus on uncovering opportunities that others don’t yet see”.

“The recommended location is first presented to you via a 10-15 minute video. These videos feature Simon onsite showing the local features and growth drivers, and explaining the reasoning behind why this area is expected grow better than average. These locations always have a twist, and always have multiple drivers and multiple sources of employment”.

Glen & Sue

Cranebrook, NSW

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