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Propertyology Helped Guide Maya & Jorma To Financial Freedom

Propertyology Helped Guide Maya & Jorma To Financial Freedom
March 20, 2017 Propertyology

Maya & Jorma, like many other young couples, had previously dabbled in property investment themselves. At first, they thought they’d made a great investment, but it didn’t turn out to be as lucrative as they’d first hoped. On re-evaluating their decision to do it all themselves, Maya and Jorma decided to work with Propertyology to find their last three investment properties, and now have a clear vision and action plan for their financial future. One that is working for them.

“I think many people think that all that’s required is that you just buy whatever is in your budget, and the rest will take care of itself,” says Maya.

“But, as we’ve learned there is an actual formula behind it, and you can buy the wrong type of property, on the wrong type of street, in the wrong type of area, and if you do that then, you’re not going to achieve the capital gain which is the whole point of it.”

The experience didn’t put them off, but they decided they didn’t want to take any chances the second time around. It was too important a decision, as they had more at stake with running a business and bringing up a small child. They realised there were experts like the Propertyology team out there, and that it was worth investing in them for professional advice and help to achieve their goals.

Maya and Jorma found that Propertyology made the whole process extremely easy. They developed the right strategy for them, did all the finance pre-approvals and sent them the documents clearly marked where they should sign. Something that otherwise could be a bit of a headache.

“Everything was just so well organised,” says Jorma.

“Because we’re running a business we weren’t always on schedule. So, they actually chased up as well if we didn’t do something in time. They’re just very, very professional.”

Maya agrees.

“I guess I’m coming from a background of being very DIY, and I’ve never appreciated the value in paying someone for advice, particularly not for financial advice because I didn’t see the value in it, and I didn’t think that it was necessary.”

“Since dealing with Propertyology, that’s definitely changed, and I realise more now what I don’t know, and that I’m definitely not an expert, and that the relatively small investment is far outweighed by the return from getting that professional advice. It’s really been great,” she says.

The couple find it very comforting to see those investment folders sitting on the shelf, each representing every successfully purchased property they’ve completed with Propertyology.

Simon and the team are currently working on number 4 for Maya and Jorma, which they hope to purchase this year. The couple says it gives them a great feeling to know that they’re doing something right for their future and for their family.

“We wouldn’t have had this if we hadn’t started with Simon and with a plan in place… There’s no way we would have been able to do that by ourselves,” Maya says.

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