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    Trade Secrets On Where To Invest – Propertyology

    At any given time, property markets which have the best potential for the next few years will probably be flat. The advantage of being able to identify growth drivers and then buy property while the market is flat is the ability to pick the best properties while there is little competition and to then benefit from 100% of the growth as the cycle unfolds. The challenge for DIY property investors is such markets invariably won’t be receiving positive press (because the growth period hasn’t kicked in yet) so how will they find the market in the first place?

    Propertyology Managing Director, Simon Pressley, had a chat with Radio 4BC property commentator, Kevin Turner, about some of the best locations in Australia to invest in.

    During this interview, Propertyology released details of a specific location which we’ve been investing in for a couple of years. We also shared our insights on several other locations.

    Australia is a big country containing 550 individual local government jurisdictions. Propertyology’s core business involves (literally) studying the investment fundamentals of each of these markets and we use this information to help property investors to purchase in strategically-chosen locations. There are currently several locations across Australia which we are currently investing in and most of these aren’t receiving much media airplay. If you’d like to discuss how to take advantage of our research, contact Propertyology directly.

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    “Population Growth Doesn’t Have The Influence That You Think”.

    Locations where population is growing the most have the best potential for capital growth, right? Whilst logic suggests this to be the case, historical evidence suggests otherwise. The graphs and general information below contain a wide range of information regarding Australia’s population trends. Propertyology agrees that population is an important consideration for selecting locations however, our formal studies have taught us that population is far from being the most important consideration

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    Keep Granny, Ditch the Flat.

    If there’s one thing which this country doesn’t have a shortage of it is property schemes and ‘gurus’ who promote…