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The Environment For Property Investors Is Healthy

The Environment For Property Investors Is Healthy
February 2, 2015 Propertyology Head of Research and REIA Hall of Famer, Simon Pressley

Aside from the ‘manufactured confidence’ courtesy of a 2009-10 stimulus package, 2014 marked the first year since the GFC where confidence was shown in Australian property markets.

As we enter 2015, the environment for property investors is healthy.

  • The message from the RBA is ‘stability’ with a 2.50% cash rate remaining unchanged since August 2013. While the jury is out in regards to whether the next move will be ‘up’ or ‘down’, property investors will enjoy these 60-year low interest rates for some time yet;
  • The latest ABS population figures (housing demand) showed growth over the last year of a strong 1.5%;
  • Whilst the national unemployment rate rose from 5.4% to still be low at 6.1% during 2014 the country still created 134,408 new jobs;
  • The construction industry is buoyant with an all-time record 195,715 new dwellings approved last year;
  • Our retail industry reported a record December; and
  • Our exporters received some relief with the AUD$ easing from $0.89 at the start of 2014 to close at $0.81.

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