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The Start Line of an Investment Journey

The Start Line of an Investment Journey
April 20, 2016 Bryan Loughnan


Tiffany, a first time property investor based in Sydney, contacted us at Propertyology in early January.  She had been lured into the idea of investing in property by friends and family, who were themselves active investors.

Like all investors, Tiffany was keen to make sure her money was working as hard as possible.  To better understand the risks and market cycles involved, Tiffany spent several months (in her own words) ‘reading books, reading online articles and watching property investment videos’.  Ultimately, by the time she visited our team in Brisbane, Tiffany had significant ‘information overload’.

Our team at PROPERTYOLOGY, work hard every day to understand the goals and objectives of each and every one of our valued clients.  We spend as much time as is necessary with each client to discuss or dismiss myths or beliefs that don’t serve them well in their investment journey.  This was no different with Tiffany who during a work trip to Brisbane, took time out of her busy schedule personally meet with our Buyers Agent Bryan Loughnan.

Through her extensive ‘research’ (or reading as we would like to call it) and several discussions with friends and family, Tiffany was confident that Brisbane was the location where she should be purchasing her first investment property.  Whilst on face value, we would agree with Tiffany that the long term fundamentals maybe sound, given her budget, short, medium and long term goals, we certainly believed she could make a more astute decision than deciding to invest in Brisbane.

By remaining open minded and focusing on her ultimate goals and objective, Tiffany has now secured this low maintenance two bedroom, one bathroom townhouse in a highly sought after pocket of a city she had not previously considered.  This particular location has a diverse economy driven by Education, Tourism, Manufacturing and Agriculture just to name a few.

Whilst the long term outlook for this location is what we at PROPERTYOLOGY currently consider, better than any other location in Australia, having our Buyer’s Agent Bryan Loughnan secure the property for more than $10,000 off our internal appraisal can only be described as a huge cherry on top for Tiffany.  A great result and a great way to kick off her property investment journey.

Congratulations again Tiffany, it was a pleasure assisting you and we can’t wait to work with you again soon.


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