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They Bought What?

They Bought What?
June 28, 2016 Propertyology Head of Research and REIA Hall of Famer, Simon Pressley




This property now proudly sits within the investment portfolio of our company directors.

This is a great example of what can be achieved when specialists from different fields work together for a better outcome.

As Propertyology’s chief market analyst, Simon Pressley chose the city to invest in. Our senior buyer’s agent, Bryan Loughnan, then did another great job in finding this property and negotiating the lowest price. Glen Byrne sorted out the important debt structuring and organised finance. And, Propertyology’s Executive Support Office, Irene Panshin, over saw the due diligence, conveyancing, and property management.

That’s teamwork!

The regional city which we purchased this property in is Propertyology’s newest location. You are unlikely to read about this location in the property media for quite some time however, the fundamentals of this location are rock solid and the outlook for its economy is what excites us most.

We’ve identified a window of opportunity to pick the cream of the crop for as many investors as we can while the market is still flat. Our intention is get in now and then benefit from 100 per cent of the growth in the coming cycle.

This city has a very diverse economy which includes advanced manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture. The local university is expanding in order to cater for increased local and international demand. There are plans to further expand one particular piece of infrastructure which is of significant importance to the state and national economy. And, employment growth opportunities through the Asian Century phenomena are exciting.

There’s not many cities in Australia that offer the above, a desirable lifestyle, and the cost of a typical house for less than $350,000.

Bryan Loughnan found this particular 3-bedroom house in one of Propertyology’s favoured streets. It is neat, tidy, low maintenance, and located only two blocks away from the water. Using multiple ‘tools’ from his kit bag, Bryan successfully negotiated the purchase for only $235,000.

What could you buy in Melbourne or Sydney for that?

With interest rates being as low as they currently are, the $260 weekly rent practically covers 100 per cent of the annual holding costs.

You could also be the proud owner of an affordable investment property like this. To discuss Propertyology’s services telephone 1300 65 40 70.