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Third Time Lucky For This Investor

Third Time Lucky For This Investor
November 5, 2014 Simon Pressley

After not being prepared to pay the higher price that others were on two other properties, it was a case of third time lucky for this client.

The economy in this strong regional town is expanding and PROPERTYOLOGY’s research suggests that demand for accommodation could become very tight. Property prices have already increased at a rate above the national average over the last 12 months and the growth drivers which we identified haven’t even kicked in yet.

This presentable 3-bedroom brick has is approximately 10 years old. Very low maintenance and in a popular part of town, negotiations were quite tense so we were excited to purchase it for below our appraised value of $380,000. Our client was even happier to get in to this exciting market and at a price well below his $430,000 budget.

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