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Annual Propertyology Address

Annual Propertyology Address

Where Should Property Investors Look Next?

The Sydney and Melbourne booms are over, Canberra is easing, Hobart is still roaring, and the four other capital city property markets have been underwhelming for several years. Some pundits are saying that Brisbane is ready to boom; others favour Perth and Adelaide; maybe the focus needs to turn to some of Australia’s regional cities. What does Australia’s premier market analyst think?

Head of Property Market Research at Propertyology, Simon Pressley, was the only analyst in Australia to correctly pick Hobart’s remarkable turnaround from recession to now (officially) Australia’s best performed property market. In mid-2014, Simon put his money where his mouth is and invested there himself. From the beginning of 2015 to now, metropolitan-Hobart has produced a higher rate of capital growth (and a significantly higher rate of rental growth) than both Sydney and Melbourne. What did Simon see in the Hobart market that everyone else completely overlooked? Using that same research methodology, what does he now think about other parts of Australia? And what are the big issues that affect Australian property markets?

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