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Two Sides Of Every Balance Sheet

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There’s two (2) sides of a balance sheet: the asset column and the liability column. They are equally important so why would you engage expertise for one and not the other?

Too many people go and get some money approved without considering much more than how much they need and what interest rate the lender charges. In order to maximise your financial potential, there are so many other pieces to the financial puzzle that need to be considered.

STOP! Before the excitement of the property purchase starts, spend some time with one of our own skilled professionals to help you lay a solid financial foundation which you can build upon.

Incorrectly structured loans can limit your future lending potential, reduce potential tax advantages, lead to impediments for future purchases, and end up costing many thousands of dollars to correct at a later date.

Our own in-house brokers are amongst the best in the business. They have a wealth of experience with helping property investors. From creative debt structures to get your money working harder, to understanding the fine print in credit policies such that a solution to a challenging application can be overcome, to saving you lots of hassles, here’s an example of considerations which we’d like to help you with:

  • Are you using cash or equity to raise deposit monies for your next purchase?
  • How will property purchase costs be funded?
  • Do you have any existing loans?
  • Can we ‘quarantine’ and accelerate the payment of non-deductible debts?
  • How will each lender interpret your income and measure your borrowing capacity?
  • How does this next transaction fit in with your longer term plan?
  • Can you use your available funds to do more than you think?
  • Is there adequate diversification of lenders within your debt portfolio?
  • How will this type of loan affect any future opportunities for you?
  • Have the pros and cons of mortgage insurance be considered?
  • How can the structure of the loan influence your tax?
  • What interest rate and on-going fees are applicable?

It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the research, the location, and the property at the expense of completely overlook the importance of first organising appropriate finances and structures. Here’s an example of what one of our clients achieved with expertise and having the right hand talking to the left.