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Tanya Taps-In For Number Two

Tanya Taps-In For Number Two
November 11, 2021 Propertyology Head of Research and REIA Hall of Famer, Simon Pressley

A comfortable home plus the ability to enjoy a relaxed retirement lifestyle through a passive income stream which is better than superannuation… Isn’t that what everyone wants by the time they exit the workforce?

While this may be a common goal among society, each person will take a different journey to reach the end destination.

47-year-old Tanya is taking the scenic route to her end destination. And the rate at which she is ticking things off her financial bucket-list is testament to lateral-thinking and goal setting.

The traditional general strategy for financial independence typically starts with buying an owner-occupied property, transitioning through a couple of upgrades, and progressively leverage into some investments along the journey.

Tanya is among the growing number of people who enjoy the flexibilities of renting wherever the heart is content, while prioritising financial performance with their property purchase/s.

Otherwise known as RentVesting, these people also have the dream home aspiration, but they are more measured with their strategy.

Plan ‘B’

Tanya had already been diligently saving a regular portion of her single-income budget for several years. But buying something that she would be comfortable living in at a price that she could afford was not an option.

Upon realising that RentVesting was a bona fide solution for the housing affordability challenge, this created different barriers for Tanya becoming a property owner:

🤯 A lack of confidence in knowing which Australian location to invest in,

😧 Fear of not realising her financial potential through property investment not being Tanya’s field of expertise, and

😰 Confusion and concern about who to trust.

Over several months, Tanya went on a mission to look into the services and reputation of various companies who specialise in investing in real estate all over Australia.


First Base

With the assistance of Propertyology, Tanya became the proud owner of her first property in December 2018.

Using just a $40,000 cash deposit, Propertyology’s buyer’s agents found and negotiated the purchase of a low maintenance 3-bedroom house for just $361,750.

Located in Tasmania, a completely different state to Tanya’s hometown.

“Bryan did an amazing job securing me a really solid property at a great location and for a really good price (and with a great yield, too). And Mandie was a superstar as always in answering all my questions and arranging everything for me, efficiently and professionally – nothing was ever too much trouble,” said Tanya.

In less than 3-years, the thought-leading market research and strategic asset selection was already paying dividends by way of capital growth.

40 percent growth since December 2018 completely smashed the performance of every capital city, including Sydney’s 25 percent and Melbourne’s 20 percent, and the rental income covered annual expenses.

The $500,000 revised value of Tanya’s property means that her initial $40,000 deposit had increased 7-fold to $280,000. It’s an outstanding piece of proof for the power of leverage.


Tapping In

In mid-2021, Tanya again initiated contact with Propertyology for a Strategy Meeting so that she could put her equity to good use.

Once finance was pre-approved, Propertyology again provided Tanya with comprehensive research on another exciting location.

Her buyer’s agents successfully negotiated the purchase of a second property for just $415,000.

It was a 5-bedroom house on a good size block and, once again, the rental income covers the annual holding costs.

Remaining Focused

Tanya said “I really value Propertyology’s advice, and I feel very privileged to have them on my side when making such big, life-changing decisions. I only wish I had known about Propertyology earlier in life!”

Already the proud owner of two (2) properties, this motivated young lady continues to go about her daily life with the knowledge that her money is working for her while she continues to save and plan her next investment.

“Thank you all again so much, and I look forward to working with you all again as soon as possible (I’m saving for the next one…!)”


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